Sunday, November 30, 2008

Big Night, Big City

David Lee and Chris Duhon had a huge might last night and proved their value to the Knicks. Last night's 138-125 win over the Warriors was highlighted by a freakish effort on the part of Lee (37 points, 21 rebounds) and Duhon

USA Today reported that Lee's outing was the first 30-20 game in regulation since Patrick Ewing had 36 points and 21 boards against the Sixers on Jan. 23, 1994.

Nice game, let's just hope it can fuel a string of wins before the Knicks fall further into doom.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

SLAM ONLINE: John Starks Q & A

John Starks left everything out on the court. He was cock and arrogant - and way off from the field - at times, but what came across was the passion and effort most of the time. His ability to change the game and make plays on desire alone was impressive.

We had a pretty long chat about the finer points of his career. Check out the transcript on SLAM ONLINE.

Jamal Crawford to the Warriors

I'm a little heartbroken that the Knicks sent Jamal Crawford to the Warriors in exchange for Al Harrington. With all their struggles, the Knicks could have used a classy cat like Crawford, I'm no Lebron-is-actually-coming-convert, so I would have rather seen a return to the playoffs as opposed to a clearing of cap space.

As far as Crawford is concerned, my feelings for him and his efforts here will never vary. He was a true player who played to win in the worst situations. He may have never ever been to the playoffs, but he was aware of of it and working hard to improve on it - which is a lot more than yo can say about some of his teammates in New York. I'm ranting, but Crawford will be missed more than fans know.

Harrington has a big upside. He's considered by experts as a "better player." He's from Jersey and a good dose of local talent might be what the Knicks need to rebuild a little esteem around. Let's see how it goes, the bottom line is the Knicks just lost and gained a really good guy. So, we're about even.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Zach Randolph Gets Clipped

In their second move of the day, the Knicks sent the Clippers forward Zach Randolph and guard Mardy Collins today in exchange for forward Tim Thomas and guard Cuttino Mobley. The move should serve well for the Clippers by making them more competitive and filling a hole in the paint left vacant by the departure of Elton Brand from LA. How it will serve the Knicks will remain to be seen.

Tim Thomas, another local guy who will start his second stint with the Knicks, should provide quality minutes. Though he was included in the deal, it's still unclear if Cuttino Mobley will be healthy enough to pass a physical.

The saddest part of this move was that Randolph was rarely part of the problem during his days with the Knicks. He tried hard and his numbers reflected his effort. Sooner or later they are going to have to abandon the blind hope that Lebron "The Next Michael Jordan" James will pick New York in the 2010.

Monday, November 3, 2008

SLAM ONLINE: Charles Smith Q & A

Needless to say that, as a Knick fan, I jumped at the chance to speak with Charles Smith. His now infamous series of missed put-backs and lay-ups maybe have cursed the Knicks for a while, but they don't appear to have affected much by We touched on a number of subjects during our brief chat at an even sponsored by KIA Motors in Union Square.

Check out the interview on SLAM ONLINE.