Thursday, October 30, 2008

SLAM ONLINE: Kenny Walker Q & A

Kenny Walker was one of the fresher cats in Knicks history. His hops and hustle were almost as ill as his haircuts. I spoke to the former Dunk Contest champ in Union Square where he signed autographs during a Knicks fan event.

Check out the interview from SLAM ONLINE.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SLAM ONLINE: Walt Frazier Q & A

Caught up with Walt Frazier at a Knicks NBA Tip-Off event to chop it up about his life, career, clothing and charisma. Check out what he had to say.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Last season, a couple of guys from my neighborhood took the Isiah Thomas situation into their own hands. Check out the quick interview I did with them a while back. They got a lot of pub off this thing.

They're still in the game and working towards releasing their album This Aint Friends...It's Family.

Text Messgae from Wilson Chandler

Got a quick text from Wilson Chandler yesterday. I asked him how the last day of camp was. He said "everything is cool."

With the chatter about roster rearrangement, Chandler's name hasn't been mentioned with the starters as much as they had before camp. However, he has improved and is likely to earn more playing time as the season goes on. With Jeffries, Curry and Gallonari hurt, Wils will have to end up in any short rotation D'Antoni might be running.

Friday, October 3, 2008

NY POST: Lee and Curry Go At It!

Marc Berman of the New York Post is reporting that David Lee is out grinding Eddy Curry for the starting center spot early. You'd be hard pressed to prove Curry is ready to run in D'Antoni's offense based on his hustle stats. He's not quite the rebounder and athlete Lee is.

After wandering in and out of Zeke Thomas' rotation, Lee is scrappy enough to make hustle stats happen in a fast line-up. However, camp is still pretty young and we're still a week away from the start of preseason.

Odds are Lee will start. However, a visit from a certain Uncle of Curry's to the Knicks upstate camp location may be the push the big fella needed to crack the starting five slot.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

NY POST: Jeffries Down

NY Post Knicks ace Marc Berman reports that Jared Jeffries is out again. He fractured his fibula and will mis 6-8 weeks of ball. This means Ewing Jr. should hang on a bit longer than expected and Wilson Chandler may get more minutes off the bench.

Jeffries, who missed 23 games his first season with the Knicks (06-07) with a wrist injury, is a loss of a big body. I wonder if this means the Knicks are going to try and talk Jerome James OUT of retirement now?

ESPN: John Hollinger's Knicks Forecast

John Hollinger of ESPN.COM is saying what everyone else is saying about the Knicks. Check out his "Team Forecast" posted Monday on ESPN.COM.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

CANADIAN PRESS: Allan Houston Watch

The Canadian Press, who somehow got invited to cover the Knicks Training Camp in Saratoga, have been keeping a tight eye on Allan Houston. So tight in fact, they made me eat my words from jump. Doesn't seem like Big Al has got much left, if he does, he didn't bring it to camp this year.

SLAM ONLINE: The Frederic Weis Story

I got to hang out with Patrick Ewing Jr. a couple of weeks back for a minute. My pal Benji and I tagged along with Wilson Chandler and Anthony Robeson to a late season Liberty game. Patrick Ewing's son seemed like a nice kid who is excited about the chance to play for the team his pops played for.

Young Ewing played high school ball in the city for a little minute and was comfortable around the fans. He seemed excited to be in New York. The crowd roared a bit when he was announced next to his prospective teammates. While he might not be ready for the league just yet, I don't think anyone was mad at what they had to give up to bring him in.

I wrote this post about the career of Frederic Weis at the time of the trade that imported Ewing Jr. from Houston.