Sunday, December 28, 2008

Curry Coming Back?

In an MSG interview during the 1st QT of the Knicks-Nuggets game, Eddy Curry said he'll be back in about two weeks. He wanted to play and according to Kelly Tripucka, an odd choice for a commentator in my book, he's needed on the team. At this point, with no end to the Marbury fiasco in sight, Walsh is during a lot of money just to make a point.

Curry may be injured, but how he'll fit in on this Knicks team remains to be seen. He hasn't had much chance to play or even actively practice with the club. He's missed a lot of games and his conditioning will have no choice but to be exposed when he does return. Ultimately, Curry needs to make the decision to play that Starbury didn't. Curry has a great opportunity to step in and help put the Knicks back on track - if that is even possible.

"I talked to [Coach Mike D'Antoni] a couple of times," Curry told the Post before Chrsitmas. "He really assured me he wants me to be part of what's going on and for me not to lose my concentration and stay in it mentally and keep trying to work hard so when I come back I'm not too far behind. I'm glad he's anticipating my return."

It seems like both player and coach realize that they need each other. There is no getting around size in the NBA and Curry possesses a ton of size. The issue with him has always been the way he uses his span and strength. While Curry will have to get creative if he's really going to adapt to Coach D's style, Coach D'Antoni will have to be willing to coach Curry like he never has before. Bluntly, Curry must be willing to be coached and D'Antoni must be willing to coach him. You can have it any other way if there is an chance of the Knicks making the playoff.

According to the Post and ESPN.COM, Curry completed a three-week rehab that included a weekly shot in his knee. He might be able to rejoin the team in full practices in a week. Curry could make his season debut in two weeks. Even so, in what condition and of what kind of use to the Knicks?

"I'm excited, I'm ready to get back," Curry told the Post. "I'm definitely excited."

Curry averaged 13.2 points and 4.7 rebounds per game under Zeke Thomas last season. During this year's exhibition season, Curry averaged 4.3 points and 2.5 boards in just 14 minutes. After the trade of Zach Randolph, the Knicks need Curry's 7-footers services. His return will be key to any potential playoff surge the Knicks made.

The sudden change of heart seems a little desperate. The entire Knicks situation is getting foggy again. It's as if, they playoffs will never be a priority as long is there is an excuse why we don't need to be in them. Mike Breen of MSG said before halftime D'Antoni was quoted as saying, "Let's stop talking about the playoffs and get back to what we do best."

Did he mean loose?

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