Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Marbury Writes for NY Post

Breaking News! Marbury does it again. No new Starbury (yet). Thankfully, no new body ink, but Stephon Marbury has pulled another stunt. In the closing hours of 2008, NY Post reporter, Marc Berman, published a post authored by the banished Knicks point guard on Post Knicks Blog. Who cares?

On a serious, I'm not too interested in his new aerobics video. I don't care what his blog says and will ever say. Just like I don't want to listen to Dennis Miller talk about football on Monday nights. I'd rather just watch Steph play basketball if that's cool.

In a really cheesy way, I hope Steph makes a turnaround this new year - even in the next couple of months. If he still loves the game, it will show if he does get back on the court this year. If he still loves to play, he'll still be worth watching.

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